Monastery Zabel - Staro Nagoricane

Photography by: Aleksandar Dimitrijevik - volan

The photo story that follows is devoted to the joy and sadness of celebrating monastery holidays dedicated to the Virgin Mary which are celebrated at monastery Zabel Staro Nagorichane each year with many people from surrounding villages and beyond. Read more.

Treskavec Monastery - Prilep

Photography by: Bobi Kuzmanoski

Treskavec Monastery is located some 10 kilometers from Prilep, just below the top of Zlatovrv where there is amazing view to Pelagonija, Pelister, Babu, Prilep city and surrounding villages. Zlatovrv is at altitude of about 1,300 and in the summer periods attracts lightning and terrible storms. From there, the name Treskavec(lightning) is taken, place where the lightning hits. 
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Smolare and Kolesino waterfalls - Strumica

Photography by : Davcevski Mario

Smolare and Kolesino waterfalls are located on the northern slopes of Mount Belasica at altitude of 600 meters in the region of Strumica, Macedonia. Both are located in small villages in which the whole population is engaged in agriculture, so cars are rare in that region. People from that region tried to make sure tourists can find waterfalls by setting "homemade" signs that lead to the waterfalls. If you do not recognize the signs written in Cyrillic, the people are very hospitable and would show you the path.
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Bobi Kuzmanoski

Photography by: Bobi Kuzmanoski

Bobi Kuzmanoski is 35 years old. He started with photography around 2004. His passion is photographing unusual landscapes at specific locations. In the past years he travelled around Macedonia in search of a moments that would catch the viewers eye more than a couple of seconds and left the astonished with the question “Is it possible that Macedonia is this beautiful?”  Read more

Davcevski Mario

Photography by : Davcevski Mario

Mario Davcevski is the first official photographer for this blog. Read more too see some of his photographies and his biography.

Bloggers and Wine ... Блогерите и виното
That friendship does not go without wine, is recent evidence Bloggers' meeting in Tikves Winery, Kavadarci.  KLIKER, June 29, 2009        More » …..

Emotion into a drink ... Емоција преточена во пијалок
 Right click for bigger picture and the first option
Pleasant, dear people. Kind host. Beautiful setting. Inspirational discussion.Glass fine wine. Оксиморон June 30, 2009               More » …..

What is most Galichnik ... По што е најпознат Галичник
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April 18, 2006                More » …..

Gachichnik ... Галичник[1].jpg
Blog Galichnik existed very briefly, but the idea is nice, so here you have recommended several of his posts ... GALICNIK INSIDE ... Galicnik ... April 14, 2006

Gachichka Wedding ... Гачичка свадба
Day before the wedding of traditional Galichnik flows columns vehicles on the road for Galichnik with visitors from all parts of Macedonia from many countries and continents. When I climbed Tsareva Fountain Sun splashed the freshness of pure mountain air with a fascinating fragrance of the grass and flowers. Slopes are with flocks of sheep, what remained of hundred thousand throats in the past. Impressive sight supplement  horses and dogs, which by loud barking as if to say Welcome. .... GALICNIK,  14 Април, 2006       More » ….. 

Dolni Saraj - Ohrid ... Долни Сарај - Охрид
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Standing on the terrace of Dolni Saraj before you open a wonderful view of Lake Ohrid, and you just enjoy the beauty that primordial. ... kibicer, August 8, 2008          More » ….. 

Flowers Question ... Цветно прашање
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Somewhere in Eastern Macedonia  Django, September 13, 2009         More » …..

My Wedding ... Мојата свадба
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„Sun welcomes the bride and rituals had. ...“... molika, December 8, 2008            More » …..

Cer ... Цер
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"Yesterday I was in Cer. I cited the way a little work, a bit of fun. Merge with useful beauty, went the road and stopped in Cer. ... "
... Леонова, July 30, 2009                 More » …..

Beer Fest Prilep ... Пиво Фест Прилеп
Click for larger image
batadjango often known to make great photo story. It seems his favorite places where there is a good friendship and refreshment ... :) "I decided to go the Beer Fest in Prilep. Train normally not, ...“... batadjango,
August 15, 2009          More » …..   

Exhibit Photos - Sveti Nikole ... Изложба На Слики - Свети Николе
Click for larger image
LupcoBocvarov  regularly monitor the cultural activities in Sveti Nikole and makes photo-optimal. ... "Tonight, the House of Culture" Krste Petkov Misirkov "in Sv.Nikole an exhibition of photos of Kumanovo actor and painter Dragisa Dimitrijevski-Shipe. ...“...  LupcoBocvarov, May 12, 2009      More » …..   

Titos top, Turk, Тrichin, Kiros nose, Goces top ... ТИТОВ ВРВ, турчин, тричин, киров нос, гоцев врв
Клик на сликите за поголеми
ТРЕБЕНИШТЕ always a great choice of personnel and quality of his photography. Usually not transmitted where most sparsely go and that is Macedonian beautiful mountains ... "Every year around May 25th weekend is traditionally the climbing Titov Top. ...“ ТРЕБЕНИШТЕ, June 1, 2009        More » …..

Holy Trinity Church in Radovish ... Црквата Свети Троица во Радовиш
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zoriv after be equipped with the new camera Sun infecting their photo stories ... "Beautiful Church, which will remain forever as a memento of Risto Gushterov ...“... zoriv, August 27, 2009                   More » …..

The source of the Vardar ... На врутокот на Вардар
Клик на сликите за поголеми
tosho machorot are frequently not surprising with their photo, this time from the source of the Vardar. ... "Although originating from this area, I had not been in this place long time, do not know, maybe 25 years ago. ... "  tosho machorot, August 7, 2009        More » …..  

RAIN leave - Lake Prespa ... ДОЖДОТ ИЗОСТАНА - Преспанско Езеро
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alexandro often surprising stories of the Photo Lake Prespa region, such as this is the Prespa Lake, which connects the eyes with many memories ... alexandro, June 2, 2009      More » …..  

Varvarica ... Варварица
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Partik are often fascinated with good photo-of Strumica and its surroundings. Each adds short and easily readable displays of places  ... "If you ask me - Where is Varvarica? The most relevant answer would be - behind the LORD ... " partik, August 31, 2009     More » …..

Motocross Race-Zabel ... МОТОКРОС ТРКА-ЗАБЕЛ
Click for larger image ...
ЛУДО ФОТО had a camera duel  ТРЕБЕНИШТЕ from Motto races in Old Nagorichane, which is traditionally organized on the slopes above the monastery Zabel ... ЛУДО ФОТО, September 7, 2009              More » …..

Bay of Bones, Ohrid ... Заливот на Коските, Охрид
Click for larger image ...
Надежна as the lady has the honor to open the photo stories that are linked here. She specializes in many good photo stories, supported by appropriate text. "Bay of bones, Mikjoviot city, where the object was found a prehistoric lake-dwelling village, located on the peninsula Gradiste behind avtokampot Gradiste, at a depth of 3 to 5 meters. ...“ Надежна, September 7, 2009 More » …..

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