Трново ... Trnovo

http://nepokoreni.blog.com.mk/system/files?file=trnovo%20magarevo%2009%20108.jpg http://nepokoreni.blog.com.mk/system/files?file=trnovo%20magarevo%2009%20106.jpg
At the beginning of this school year to 03. 09th 2009 we went for a walk in Trnovo. OU_Gorgi Sugarev, September 8, 2009 is a blog of pupils from primary school George Sugarev - Bitola, which are part of the section HISTORY ...       Повеќе » …..
** Only 7-8 km., Northwest of Bitola, in the foothills of Mount Pelister, at an altitude of 900 to 1030 meters. in an ideal location directly to one another, are the villages Magarevo and Tarnovo.

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